Psilocybin molecule:

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Psilocybin Clinical Trials

Psilocybin versus ketamine – fast acting antidepressant strategies in treatment-resistant depression

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Id: 2018-004480-31

Organisation Name: Národní ústav duševního zdraví

Start Date: 2020-07-14

Completion Date: Ongoing

Brief Summary: Evaluation of the rapid antidepressant effect of psilocybin 20 mg compared to ketamine 200 mg using the MADRS scale completed 24 hours after a single dose of the drug. We assume that after 24 hours psilocybin 20 mg and ketamine 200 mg will have a similar antidepressant effect (decrease in depressive symptoms according to the MADRS scale) and at the same time the effect of both substances will be more pronounced compared to antidepressant-inactive midazolam 5 mg.

Country: Czech Republic

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