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Can preconscious attention for itch stimuli be modified?

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Id: NTR7561

Organisation Name: Leiden University

Overal Status: Open for patient inclusion

Start Date: 2018-10-16

Lead Sponsor: Leiden University

Brief Summary: The notion that itch draws attention can be supported from its evolutionary role to protect our body from possible harm alike other threatening stimuli, e.g. pain. Earlier research has shown that healthy participants display an attentional bias towards pictorial itch stimuli, i.e. participants allocate their attention preferentially towards itch stimuli rather than to neutral stimuli (van Laarhoven et al., 2017). However, it is unknown so far if an attentional bias for itch already occurs and can be modified before conscious processing takes place. Therefore, the current study will investigate whether a preconscious attentional bias for itch stimuli exists and whether such a bias can be modified by attentional bias modification training towards or away from itch.
We use the dot-probe paradigm, which has frequently been applied in different research areas, including anxiety and pain. If preconscious attention for itch can be modified, a next step could be to investigate the potential ABM training potency in patients suffering from chronic itch.

Country: Netherlands

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