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Insights into the pathophysiology of HAshimoto’s Thyroiditis: Assessing Residual thyroid cApacity and the role of the gut Microbiome in thyroid hormone metabolism

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Id: NL8925

Organisation Name: Amsterdam UMC

Overal Status: Open for patient inclusion

Start Date: 2020-10-01

Lead Sponsor: Amsterdam UMC

Brief Summary: A better understanding of the (patho)physiological pathway of the gut microbiome involvement in thyroid hormone metabolism and residual thyroid function in autoimmune hypothyroidism is needed . in this study we aim to validate a dynamic thyroid function test to assess thyroid reserve capacity ( by measuring maximal serum FT4 and FT3 response upon a single intramuscular administration of 0.9 mg r-TSH). Moreover, we aim to evaluate the effect of the gut microbiome changes on thyroid hormone metabolism in subclinical autoimmune hypothyroid subjects by assessing and comparing changes of plasma and faecal levels T4 and T3 upon the Thyrogen stimulation and a short course of antibiotics in 20 subjects ( 10 subclinical autoimmune hypothyroid patients (medication naïve) and 10 matched healthy controls).

Country: Netherlands

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