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Mdma Clinical Trials

A Phase II Multi-Center Safety Study Examining the Use of the O'Neil Long Acting Naltrexone Implant (OLANI) in Opioid Dependent Persons Receiving Repeat Dosing

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Id: NCT05382091

Organisation Name: Go Medical Industries Pty Ltd

Overal Status: Not yet recruiting

Start Date: October 1, 2022

Last Update: August 3, 2022

Lead Sponsor: Go Medical Industries Pty Ltd

Brief Summary: This study will examine the safety and efficacy of the O'Neil Long Acting Naltrexone Implant (OLANI) in persons with opioid dependency who are seeking relapse-prevention treatment. All participants will be treated in an open label manner. No randomization will occur. The OLANI is a long-acting biodegradable form of naltrexone which is implanted in the abdominal region. It is hypothesized that the OLANI will produce blood levels sufficient to block the effects of opioids for an extended period allowing patients to engage in psychosocial treatment and recovery over the long term. After the initial set of implants, participants will be offered a second set of implants after 13-24 weeks.

  • Opioid Use Disorder

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