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Mdma Clinical Trials

Evaluating mental health professional attitudes of a new treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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Id: ACTRN12620001068954

Organisation Name: University of Sydney

Overal Status: Recruiting

Brief Summary: We aim to evaluate the attitudes of mental health professionals towards MDMA-therapy trials by a comparison of attitudes to a neutrally-labelled pharmacotherapy, using a double-blind, randomised controlled vignette study design.

We hypothesise that mental health professionals will have the following differences in attitudes towards MDMA-therapy, when compared a neutrally-labelled pharmacotherapy: 1) higher concerns for safety; 2) Lower predicted efficacy; 3) stronger objections to participation and/or lower levels of recommending participation.

By assessing professional attitudes towards MDMA-therapy for PTSD using an experimental study, we can understand if there are any biases that may be inhibiting conducting research in this area, or inhibiting the uptake of this potential new treatment by clinicians.

  • Australia
  • Attitudes of mental health professionals
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

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