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The CAP Study: Evaluating a comprehensive universal and targeted intervention designed to prevent substance use and related harms in Australian adolescents

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Id: ACTRN12612000026820

Organisation Name: Prof Maree Teesson

Overal Status: Active, not recruiting

Start Date: 16/09/2011

Brief Summary: The aim of the current proposal is to combine the effective universal Climate Schools and targeted Preventure programs into a comprehensive model to prevent substance use and related harms in adolescents. This model will be known as the CAP intervention. Delivering prevention using the proposed comprehensive approach offers a way of preventing substance use at a whole population level and has the potential to maximize outcomes for both high- and low-risk youth. This study will be the first time such intervention has been trailed, and will also be the first trial of a targeted substance use prevention program in Australia.

The approved extended long-term follow up will provide the first ever evaluation of the long-term effectiveness of combining universal and selective approaches to prevention and will examine the durability of intervention effects into the longer-term, over a 7-year period from adolescence to early adulthood.

  • Australia
  • Substance use prevention
  • Prevention of substance use-related harms

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