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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Afweer beschermende werking van narcose middelen tijdens een operatie voor darmkanker

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Id: NTR7415

Organisation Name: University Medical Center Groningen

Overal Status: Open for patient inclusion

Start Date: 2018-08-06

Lead Sponsor: University Medical Center Groningen

Brief Summary: Surgical resection for cancer is still the mainstay of treatment. Although multimodal treatment of cancer patients has improved dramatically, there is increasing evidence that the method of anesthesia might improve cancer free survival. Anesthesia is known to influence the immune response, mostly in a negative way by depressing natural killer (NK) cell activity and T-cell lymphocytes. However, during surgical resection of a solid tumor, a well functioning immune response is pivotal to eliminate micro-metastases. Anesthesia during cancer surgery should be focused on immune protection without compromising patient’s safety or comfort in the perioperative phase. We hypothesize that an immune protective anesthesia strategy for cancer patients preserves immune response during endoscopic colon surgery.

Country: Netherlands

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