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Effect of Pregabaline and S-Ketamine on knee function after total knee arthroplasty.

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Id: NTR2761

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Start Date: 2011-04-01

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Brief Summary: Background:

TKA often produces severe postoperative pain. Reduction of pain is an important factor in the early rehabilitation of these patients. There is some evidence, that the addition of pregabalin and s-ketamine may not only reduce the acute postoperative pain, but also the incidence of chronic postoperative pain in these patients. Some studies also show that the intra-articular injection of corticosteroids may be beneficial and even shorten the hospital stay. Lately, there are randomized, controlled studies showing that intra and peri-articular infiltration with local anesthetics, after TKA, due to its simplicity and low complication risk, may be a good alternative to different loco-regional techniques such as femoral block and epidural analgesia.


This study is a prospective, randomized, double blind, controlled evaluation of two methods of analgesia after TKA. The patients will be operated under spinal anesthesia. The intra- and peri-articular local anaesthetic infiltration with ropivacaine/adrenaline/kenacort®, will be given ( during the operation) to the study group, with the addition of pregabalin and s-ketamine in the first postoperative days. In the control group, the same local anesthetic knee infiltration will be performed during the surgery. Only, instead of pregabalin per os, the control group is getting placebo and instead of s-ketamine normal saline infusion.
For the process of randomization computer generated random numbers will be used. Our research question is:
Can the addition of s-ketamine and pregabalin reduce the acute pain and enhance the range of motion in the early postoperative period after TKA? The secondary goal is to determine if the edition of s-ketamine and pregabalin can reduce the incidence of chronic pain after TKA and improve the long term functional results?

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