Ketamine molecule:

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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Esketamine Oral Thin Film (OTF) administration – a pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic study in healthy participants

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Id: NL9267

Organisation Name: Leiden University Medical Center

Overal Status: Planned

Start Date: 2021-01-24

Lead Sponsor: Leiden University Medical Center

Brief Summary: The N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist ketamine is a potent anesthetic,
analgesic and antidepressant, increasingly used at subanesthetic doses to treat differentforms of pain, as well as depression. Currently the intravenous route is the predominant form of ketamine delivery with inherent need for a successful, sterile venipuncture by skilled healthcare personnel. This prevents the use of ketamine in the out-hospital setting, particularly in case of acute pain treatment (e.g., breakthrough pain). In the current study we will perform a pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic study on the efficacy of an esketamine oral thin film (OTF) using a cross-over design.

Country: Netherlands

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