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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Pharmacological Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

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Id: NL8994

Organisation Name: Amsterdam University Medical Center, location AMC

Overal Status: Planned

Start Date: 2020-10-22

Lead Sponsor: Amsterdam University Medical Center, location AMC

Brief Summary: Pharmacological magnetic resonance imaging (phMRI), which measures the blood
flow response to drug-induced neuronal activation, is a promising technique to non-invasively
assess the brain’s response to psychotropic medication. However, phMRI measures are blood flow
based and therefore often contaminated by (systemic) cardiovascular effects frequently induced
by psychotropic medication. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy has been suggested as a technique
to more directly assess drug-induced neuronal activity and therefore allow a more complete
characterization of the brain response to psychotropic medication. We hypothesise that
concurrent measurements of the hemodynamic response and glutamate/GABA levels (with MRS)
during drug administration will provide the much-needed information to interpret the underlying
neuronal contribution to the phMRI signal. The aim of the proposed study is to provide evidence
for this hypothesis.

Country: Netherlands

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