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Ketamine Clinical Trials

A Double Blinded, Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Parallel Arm Pilot Trial of Intravenous Ketamine for Emergency Department Treatment of Suicidal Ideation in a Pediatric Population

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Id: NCT05468840

Organisation Name: University of Ottawa

Overal Status: Not yet recruiting

Start Date: December 2022

Last Update: July 21, 2022

Lead Sponsor: University of Ottawa

Brief Summary: Approximately 20% of Canadian adolescents experience thoughts of suicide, or suicidal ideation (SI), and suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadians aged 15-19 years. The emergency department at CHEO sees approximately four patients per day with SI. Even though this is a medical emergency, there are no fast-acting treatments available.

Ketamine is a medication that is commonly used to safely sedate children who require painful procedures in the emergency department. For nearly ten years, intravenous ketamine has also been shown to rapidly reduce SI in adults. However, ketamine as a treatment for SI has never been studied in adolescents. The primary study objective is to pilot a clinical trial that investigates intravenous ketamine to emergently treat SI in adolescents.

If intravenous ketamine can relieve symptoms of SI for youth, this would have tremendous effects on patients and would dramatically change how physicians treat adolescent mental health emergencies. If ketamine is effective for several weeks, as it is in adults, it will help temporize patients until they receive more long-term psychiatric care. At the system level, it has the potential to reduce emergency visits and lengthy admissions. The investigators feel that the results of this study will be generalizable to pediatric centres across Canada and beyond.

  • Suicidal Ideation

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