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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Intramuscular Ketamine Effect on Postnasal Surgery Agitation: a Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial.

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Id: NCT05313659

Organisation Name: Jordanian Royal Medical Services

Overal Status: Recruiting

Start Date: May 11, 2022

Last Update: May 31, 2022

Lead Sponsor: Jordanian Royal Medical Services

Brief Summary: Randomized study of ASA I-II patients, who will undergo elective nasal surgery( septoplasty and septorhinoplasty ) . The patients will be randomly divided into 2 groups: ketamine (group-K) and saline (control group) (group-S). At the time of turning the inhalational agent off , intramuscular racemic ketamine will be administered in a dose of 0.7 mg/kg, whereas group-s will receive intramuscular saline with same volume that would be administered if it was ketamine. Sedation and Agitation scores were recorded using The Richmond agitation-sedation score after extubation.

  • Agitation, Emergence

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