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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Reliable and Rapid Smooth Extubation After Ketofol for Induction of General Anesthesia in Laparoscopic Drilling of Polycystic Ovary: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

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Id: NCT04365686

Organisation Name: Fayoum University Hospital

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: April 1, 2019

Last Update: April 28, 2020

Lead Sponsor: Fayoum University Hospital

Brief Summary: the effect of ketofol, a combination of propofol and ketamine, on hemodynamics and airway response during induction of general anesthesia has been studied before. Its effect on the smoothness of extubation has not been studied before. In the present study; we aimed to assess the effect of ketofol on the smoothness of extubation as regards, airway response, sedation score during suction and extubation and hemodynamic changes comparing it with propofol for induction of general anesthesia.

  • Smooth Extubation

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