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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Intravenous Sedation and Analgesia Using Propofol, Fentanyl and Ketamine (PFK) Versus General Anesthesia in Minor Urological Procedures.

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Id: NCT04285528

Organisation Name: University of Jordan

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: April 17, 2019

Last Update: March 3, 2020

Lead Sponsor: University of Jordan

Brief Summary: Anesthesia in urological surgeries might constitute a great challenge to anesthesiologists. Especially that a great proportion of these patients are elderly with a lot of comorbidities. This put these patients at the risk of developing medical adverse events after being anesthetized by general anesthesia. The aim of this study is to compare between intravenous sedation with analgesia versus general anesthesia in patients undergoing urological surgical procedures.

  • Anesthesia
  • Urologic Diseases

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