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Quality of Recovery of Opioid Free Anaesthesia Versus Opioids Anaesthesia Within Enhanced Recovery Protocol Following Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Saudi Arabia, Randomized Controlled Trial

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Id: NCT04285255

Organisation Name: Al Mashfa Medical Center

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: March 1, 2020

Last Update: November 8, 2021

Lead Sponsor: Al Mashfa Medical Center

Brief Summary: Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is widely employed nowadays. Multimodal analgesia approach is implemented within the enhanced recovery protocol in our facility to improve participants' recovery. Due to side effects of narcotics, the may adversely affect the quality of recovery, the investigators intended to test the efficacy of opioids free anaesthesia on the quality of recovery and postoperative narcotic use.

  • Narcotics
  • Recovery Quality
  • Analgesia
  • Bariatric Surgery

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