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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Different Modalities of Analgesia in Open Heart Surgeries in Mansoura University: Randomized Prospective Comparative Study

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Id: NCT04223219

Organisation Name: Mansoura University

Overal Status: Active, not recruiting

Start Date: December 10, 2019

Last Update: September 22, 2021

Lead Sponsor: Mansoura University

Brief Summary: Cardiac surgery is associated with post-operative pain which is one of the major problems and remains one of the most controversial issues. Inadequate pain control after cardiac surgery increases the incidence of development of many complications. Intravenous opioids are commonly used for postoperative analgesia either on demand "physician or nurse-controlled" or patient -controlled.

Multimodal opioid sparing analgesia has become frequently used, These techniques can be achieved with Dexmedetomidine, low-dose ketamine and magnesium.

The study hypotheses that control of perioperative quality of pain with opioid sparing medications may improve analgesia and patient outcome.

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Valve Disease, Heart
  • Pain, Acute
  • Pain, Postoperative

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