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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Low Dose Ketamine for Acute Management of Mood Disorders With Suicidal Ideation

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Id: NCT04099771

Organisation Name: The Miriam Hospital

Overal Status: Unknown status

Start Date: July 1, 2019

Last Update: March 2, 2021

Lead Sponsor: The Miriam Hospital

Brief Summary: This study will explore whether the use of a medication, Ketamine, can help patients who come to the ER with thoughts of suicide by improving their mood and reducing thoughts of suicide. Ketamine has been used for this purpose in patients who have been hospitalized, but it has not been well studied in the ER. The investigators are first trying to show that patients and doctors in the ER find the treatment acceptable. The investigators also hope to determine whether Ketamine is effective in decreasing the severity of patient's suicidal thinking while in the ER. If this treatment works, future studies will look at whether it can help patients be discharged from the hospital earlier.

Research Procedures: Patients will be enrolled into the study on a voluntary basis after the research assistant has fully explained all the risks and benefits of the study (informed consent). Research assistants, Emergency Department staff, and the Psychiatry team will help identify patients for the study. Patients will be asked to complete surveys measuring the degree of their suicidal thinking and mood. Additional information will be collected on patients such as their demographics, current medications, and medical problems. Patients in the study will receive the medication, Ketamine, which will be given through an intravenous catheter (IV) at a dose based on the patient's weight and slowly infused over 40 minutes. Patients will be monitored during their stay in the Emergency Department by Emergency Department physicians and nurses for any signs of side effects to the medication. Patients will be asked to complete several surveys at specific time periods after the administration of Ketamine. All patients in the study will receive usual psychiatric care in addition to the study medication.

  • Depressive Disorder, Major
  • Suicidal Ideation

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