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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Single Bolus Dose of Ketodex Versus Ketofol For Prevention Of Emergence Agitation In Adults Undergoing Nasal Surgeries

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Id: NCT04018157

Organisation Name: Zagazig University

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: July 3, 2019

Last Update: November 27, 2019

Lead Sponsor: Zagazig University

Brief Summary: emergence agitation is seen in around 68% after nasal surgeries. Agitated patients needs more staff and nurses to control their abnormal movement which leads to self extubation , removal of catheters and bruises in the extremities.
Dexmedetomidine, ketamine, propofol intravenous infusion and other agents was used to prevent EA . Recently, ketodex is found to reduce the incidence and severity of EA .
We aim to compare single bolus dose of Ketodex Versus Ketofol For Prevention Of emergence Agitation in adults undergoing nasal surgeries.

  • Agitation, Emergence

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