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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Remifentanil Plus Ketamine Versus Midazolam Plus Fentanyl for Dynamic Flexible Bronchoscopy: Randomized Double-blind Clinical Trial

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Id: NCT03613792

Organisation Name: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Overal Status: Unknown status

Start Date: September 1, 2020

Last Update: January 14, 2020

Lead Sponsor: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Brief Summary: This randomized controlled pilot clinical trial will enroll patients undergoing dynamic flexible bronchoscopy will be randomized to receive one of the two anesthetic combinations described above. The study will determine if there is a difference when considering patient and physician and satisfaction when performing DFB. Also, safety and efficacy of the two pharmacological combinations (fentanyl + midazolam and remifentanil + ketamine) used will be evaluated.

  • Bronchoscopy

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