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Ketamine Clinical Trials

A Randomized, Double-blind Study of Ketamine / Dexmedetomidine vs. Placebo / Dexmedetomidine as Adjunctive Therapies for Severe Alcohol Withdrawal

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Id: NCT02823977

Organisation Name: University of Colorado, Denver

Overal Status: Withdrawn

Start Date: February 2018

Last Update: January 19, 2018

Lead Sponsor: University of Colorado, Denver

Brief Summary: This study is designed to evaluate the addition of ketamine to dexmedetomidine as adjunctive therapies of severe alcohol withdrawal in medical ICU patients. Specifically, this study will assess whether the combination of ketamine and dexmedetomidine reduces the doses of conventional agents used for alcohol withdrawal while maintaining patient comfort and safety and will explore if the combination alters the expression of catecholamines in the serum over time.

  • Alcohol Withdrawal

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