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Use of Sevoflurane, Midazolam and Ketamine in Children for Dental Sedation Treatment: Occurrence of Adverse Events

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Id: NCT02284204

Organisation Name: Universidade Federal de Goias

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: January 2012

Last Update: January 11, 2017

Lead Sponsor: Universidade Federal de Goias

Brief Summary: There is still extensive debate on the best method of controlling the behavior of preschool children during dental treatment. Protective stabilization, moderate sedation and general anesthesia are advanced behavior control techniques indicated for the dental treatment of early childhood caries and offer advantages and disadvantages during the procedure or immediately after. Many children with early childhood caries require invasive dental treatment. According to the final report of a large epidemiological survey on the oral condition of Brazilians, five-year-old children had an average of 2.43 primary teeth with caries and fewer than 20% of these had been treated in 2010. This disease also remains a public health problem in most developed countries; 19.5% of 2-5-year-old American children have untreated cavities.

There is, however, a lack of the ideal sedative. Such drugs must, on the one hand, control the behavior of integral form, provide amnesia, minimizing physical discomfort, distress and pain, and, on the other, safeguard security, with minimal effect on the cardio-respiratory function, minimizing the occurrence of adverse events, as well as allowing the return of the patient to a State that allows high safely. The investigators thus performed this prospective study with the aim to assess the occurrence of adverse events during dental treatment and in the first 24 hours after sedation with midazolam, ketamine and sevoflurane in children aged four to six years. Our hypothesis was that no differences in adverse events among different association of drugs could be found.

  • Dental Anxiety

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