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Ketamine Clinical Trials

A Double Blinded Randomized Trial of Ketamine Versus Haloperidol for Severe Prehospital Agitation

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Id: NCT02103881

Organisation Name: Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute

Overal Status: Withdrawn

Start Date: April 2014

Last Update: July 24, 2017

Lead Sponsor: Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute

Brief Summary: This research study is being done to find out if one of two drugs, ketamine or haloperidol, is better for treating agitation. Agitation is a state of extreme emotional disturbance where patients can become physically aggressive or violent, endangering themselves and those who are caring for them. Often chemical substances or severe mental illness is involved in this level of agitation. Specifically, the investigators are interested in studying agitation that is treated in the prehospital setting by paramedics. This study's hypothesis is that ketamine is superior to haloperidol for treatment of agitation in the prehospital environment.

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