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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Pre-hospital Care With Intra-Nasal Ketamine for Transport (PRECINKT): A Pilot Study

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Id: NCT02033434

Organisation Name: University of Calgary

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: March 1, 2014

Last Update: September 26, 2019

Lead Sponsor: University of Calgary

Brief Summary: The investigators hypothesize that intra-nasal ketamine, for analgesia of patients with moderate to severe pain in an alpine setting, will provide a clinically significant reduction in pain and provide an effective and feasible alternative to intravenous opioids.

The investigators wish to know:

Is our study protocol feasible to study INK in a mountain, prehospital care environment?
What estimate can be made of recruitment rates?
Does studying the use of INK interfere with or delay care at Whistler/Blackcomb?
Is intra-nasal ketamine an effective and safe method for controlling pain in our study population and setting?
Does intranasal ketamine provide a clinically significant reduction in pain or do patients require additional IV narcotics for extraction?
Are there any significant changes in vital signs after administration of intra-nasal ketamine
Does the use of intra-nasal ketamine reduce time of patient extraction and transport in the alpine pre-hospital setting?
Are there any long term sequelae of INK at one week?

  • Pain
  • Traumatic Limb Injury

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