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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Changes in Striatal [11C]ORM-13070 Binding Elicited by Changing Levels of Endogenous Noradrenaline - a PET Study in Healthy Human Subjects

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Id: NCT01794975

Organisation Name: University of Turku

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: August 2012

Last Update: February 20, 2013

Lead Sponsor: University of Turku

Brief Summary: The primary objective of the study is to further investigate whether striatal [11C]ORM-13070 uptake can be reduced by physiological and pharmacological challenges that increase the synaptic concentrations of noradrenaline in the human brain. Each subject will undergo 3 PET scans, a baseline PET scan and two scans with noradrenaline challenges: intravenous administration of ketamine and oral administration of atomoxetine combined with a cold pressor test where the subject's foot is placed in an 8 °C water basin. Eight healthy male subjects will be included in the study.

  • Changes in Striatal [11C]ORM-13070 Binding.

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