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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Subject And Investigator-Blinded, Sponsor-Open, Randomized, Single-Dose, Placebo-Controlled, 2-Way, 4-Period Crossover Study To Assess Effects Of PF-02545920 On Ketamine-Induced Aberrant Prefrontal Response To Associative Learning In Healthy Subjects

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Id: NCT01244880

Organisation Name: Pfizer

Overal Status: Terminated

Start Date: April 2011

Last Update: March 21, 2014

Lead Sponsor: Pfizer

Brief Summary: To evaluate whether PF-02545920 reduces the effects of ketamine on brain activation during causal learning as measured by fMRI compared to placebo in healthy human subjects, and to evaluate whether behavioral measures of abnormal causal learning under ketamine are reduced by treatment with PF 02545920.

  • Healthy

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