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Ketamine Clinical Trials

A Comparison of Ketofol (Ketamine and Propofol Admixture) vs. Propofol as Induction Agents on Hemodynamic Parameters

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Id: NCT01065350

Organisation Name: Mayo Clinic

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: December 2010

Last Update: May 3, 2013

Lead Sponsor: Mayo Clinic

Brief Summary: This is a pilot study to compare the hemodynamic changes that occur during induction with a novel drug combination known as ketofol (propofol and ketamine admixture with that of propofol alone (prototypic anesthesia induction agent). Propofol and ketamine are widely used as induction agents and their effects on patient hemodynamics are well known. Some of these drug-induced hemodynamic changes are undesirable and lead to deleterious effects on patient hemodynamics. We seek to investigate the hemodynamic changes associated with a novel drug combination known as ketofol (ketamine/propofol admixture) during induction and compare them to propofol. If we determine that the changes produced by ketofol are favorable compared with propofol, we then will seek to test its use in the trauma setting in a subsequent randomized controlled trial.

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