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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Intravenous Versus Caudal Supplementation of Ketamine for Postoperative Pain Control in Children,A Double-blind Controlled Clinical Trial.

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Id: NCT00532662

Organisation Name: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Overal Status: Unknown status

Start Date: November 2007

Last Update: November 18, 2010

Lead Sponsor: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Brief Summary: Preemptive analgesia can improve postoperative pain management. Ketamine may prevent central sensitization during surgery and result in preemptive analgesia. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of ketamine as a preemptive analgesic as previous studies have shown the involvement of N-methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) receptor in neuroplasticity.

  • Analgesia

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