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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Proper Dosage of Intravenous Ketamine When Used as an Adjuvant to Lidocaine in Intravenous Regional Anesthesia (IVRA).

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Id: NCT00221871

Organisation Name: University Health Network, Toronto

Overal Status: Unknown status

Start Date: January 2004

Last Update: October 11, 2006

Lead Sponsor: University Health Network, Toronto

Brief Summary: Ketamine added to Lidocaine can increase duration of pain relief following intraveonous regional anesthesia (IVRA). The purpose of this dose response study is to determine the minimum effective dosage of intravenous Ketamine, added to 3 mg/kg of Lidocaine. We anticipate that one dosage will provide us with the proper balance between sufficient anesthesia and minimal side effects.

  • Pain.

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