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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Oral Ketamine Trial on Adults with Treatment-Resistant Depression

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Id: ACTRN12621000429853

Organisation Name: Thompson Institute, University of the Sunshine Coast

Overal Status: Recruiting

Brief Summary: This study is an open-label, dose-ranging clinical trial aiming to explore the feasibility, tolerability, and safety of low-dose oral ketamine on treatment-resistant depression. In this 10-week trial, participants will undergo 6 weeks of active treatment followed by 2 follow-up assessments. Additionally to any changes in depressive symptomatology, this study will determine whether the intervention improves rates of anxiety, stress, suicidality, and social and occupational functioning. The study will also explore neurobiological effects of oral ketamine, assessing the treatment mechanisms of action and identifying predictors of response.

  • Australia

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