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Assessment of Chronic Pain in Survivors of Intensive Care

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Id: ACTRN12619000637145p

Organisation Name: The George Institute for Global Health

Overal Status: Not yet recruiting

Start Date: 01/10/2019

Brief Summary: Improvements in the management of critically ill patients have resulted in improved survival. However, these survivors are at an increased risk of cognitive, psychiatric and physical disability. This constellation of symptoms is known as Post-ICU Syndrome (PICS). One particular component of PICS is the development of chronic pain. Clinically and epidemiologically, chronic pain has been defined as pain that persists for 3 months or more

Currently, the incidence of chronic pain in survivors of intensive care in Australia is unknown. The current literature from overseas estimates the incidence of chronic pain to be between 40-60% of ICU survivors. To date, there are no studies that have identified modifiable risk factors that therapeutic interventions can target to prevent the development of chronic pain. In addition, there is no literature about long-term opioid use in survivors of ICU.

Hence, noting that there is a high incidence of chronic pain in ICU survivors, we aim to confirm this and hypothesise that risk factors associated with analgesic management, sedative management and immobility are implicated in the development of chronic pain.

We plan to do this by conducting a large cohort study that accurately measures chronic pain using internationally recommended definitions. In addition, we will evaluate the impact of chronic pain (i.e. requirement of opioids, quality of life, interference, neuropathic components, psychiatric comorbidities, employment) using validated scales. We will also identify modifiable risk factors to develop targeted therapeutic interventions that aim to reduce the incidence of chronic pain, which will inform larger therapeutic clinical trials.

  • Australia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Critical Illness
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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