Ketamine molecule:

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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Comparative bioavailability assessment between 4 x 60 mg R107 tablets administered orally and 0.5mg/kg ketamine IV infusion over 40 minutes in healthy male and female participants under fasting conditions.

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Id: ACTRN12618001135202

Organisation Name: Zenith Technology Corporation Limited

Overal Status: Not yet recruiting

Start Date: 18/07/2018

Brief Summary: The objective of this study is to evaluate the comparative bioavailability of the test formulation relative to that of a reference formulation, following oral administration of a single dose of 4 x 60 mg R107 tablets and 0.5 mg/kg ketamine IV infusion over 40 minutes to healthy male and female subjects under fasting conditions.

  • New Zealand
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

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