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DCD 1010 (PILOT STUDY): Validation Of A Spontaneous Breathing Test To Better Predict Time To Circulatory Death In Organ Donation Candidates (Safety And Feasibility Study)

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Id: ACTRN12618000685213

Organisation Name: Dr Adelaide Charlton

Overal Status: Recruiting

Brief Summary: This study aims to establish a simple, safe, bedside test to better determine which patients are most suitable for organ donation following circulatory death.

The DCD 10-10 test is a 10 minute spontaneous breathing trial which aims to determine respiratory drive in these patients, it is hypothesised that this test will be predictive of which patients will die within 90 minutes post withdrawal of cardiorespiratory support. This 90 minute time frame is essential for ensuring organ viability for donation.

The DCD 10-10 Pilot Study is a safety and feasibility trial on a small sample of patients, it aims to ensure the DCD 10-10 test is safe and can be easily performed in the organ donation setting. It will also test software used for data collection and gather some early descriptive statistics on the sensitivity and specificity of the test and patient factors that correlate to time of death.

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