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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Investigating Ketamine for treating the pain experienced by people bitten by a Red-Back Spider.

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Id: ACTRN12616000889459

Organisation Name: University of Newcastle

Overal Status: Completed

Start Date: 01/08/2016

Brief Summary: AIMS
To investigate the effectiveness of ketamine for the treatment of pain associated with red-back spider envenoming
Ketamine will result in a significant change in the level of pain experienced by patients envenomed by red -back spider.
This pilot study will test the effectiveness of subanesthetic, intravenous ketamine infusions for red-back spider envenoming in a small single centre pilot trial. All patients will also receive standard opioid and nonopioid analgesia. Patients will be over 18 years old
with moderate to severe red-back spider envenoming. The primary outcome will be clinically significant reduction in pain 30 minutes after administration of the ketamine infusion (compared to baseline). Informed written consent will be obtained from the patient using usual procedures prior to trial entry. All participants will receive analgesia according to a standardised protocol, commenced prior to administration of the trial drug. Patients will be cared for in an acute care area with physiological monitoring and if required intravenous parenteral analgesia as rescue medication.
A standard analgesia protocol will be followed prior to receiving the study intervention. The analgesia protocol will be as follows in all patients: paracetamol 1g orally PLUS oxycodone 10 mg orally. After the standard analgesia has been administered, the trial drug will be given to the patient. Subjects will be given an IV infusion with ketamine 15 mg in
100 mL of normal saline over 15 minutes. Clinical observations and patient pain score will be recorded at baseline and then post treatment at 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, four hours and on discharge.
OUTCOMES: The primary outcome will be a clinically significant reduction in the severity of pain 30 min after the commencement of the ketamine infusion using the VNRS

  • Australia
  • Pain from a red-back spider bite
  • Systemic effects of envenoming by a red-back spider

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