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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Perioperative Ketamine to Reduce Postoperative Delirium and Depression - The RECOGNISED Study

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Id: ACTRN12615001074583

Organisation Name: St Vincent's Hospital

Overal Status: Completed

Brief Summary: This study aims to invesitgate the neuroprotective effects of ketamine in elderly patients undergoing cardiac and major vascular surgery. Delirium and depression are common effects of cardiac and major vascular surgery. Ketamine is believed to have a protective effect against delirium and depression. Participants will undergo neuropsychological testing prior to surgery and again at day 7 and 3 months postoperatively. Deliriuma and depression will be measured during patient hospital stay. Additionally, inflammatory bloods will be taken to assess the role inflammation plays in the role of postoperative cognitive dysfunction.

  • Australia
  • Depression
  • Delirium
  • Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction

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