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Laser doppler flowmetry in anaesthetic allergy skin testing

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Id: ACTRN12613000645752

Organisation Name: Dr Russell Clarke

Overal Status: Not yet recruiting

Start Date: 01/07/2013

Brief Summary: Aims / Objectives
To compare the results from a Laser Doppler Flowmetry -based test against the current gold standard protocols for skin testing in patients suspected of severe allergic reaction.

LDF-based testing is as accurate as conventional skin testing protocols in assessing anaesthetic allergy.

Significance of project
LDF-based testing is objective, inexpensive and non-invasive. This may prove to be a valid alternative to conventional skin testing and may facilitate the identification of an allergic agent in patient’s that have proven to be difficult using previous testing protocols. It may present a faster, more efficient and reliable method of undertaking skin testing with the potential to discriminate between two main causes of serious allergic reaction (currently indistinguishable); Anaphylactic (IgE mediated allergy) versus anaphylactoid (direct histamine amplification).

  • Australia
  • Anaphylaxis (antibody mediated allergic reaction)
  • Anaphylactoid (non antibody mediated) allergic reaction

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