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Ketamine Clinical Trials

Pilot study for the rapid alleviation of depression in depressed alcohol dependent persons using ketamine

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Id: ACTRN12610000390088

Organisation Name: University of Otago

Overal Status: Not yet recruiting

Start Date: 01/09/2010

Brief Summary: The co-existence of alcohol dependence and depression is common in clinical populations. The use of antidepressant drugs to treat depression is widespread however effects are modest and onset of effects are delayed. Availability of antidepressants with alternative pharmacological mechanisms, and potentially faster onset of action might be of particular benefit to this group of patients. One approach to developing novel antidepressants is via targeting the central glutamate system using Ketamine, a well established anaesthetic agent. Ketamine has the potential to rapidly alleviate depression and reduce alcohol consumption. This pilot study is to characterize the best use of ketamine for the rapid antidepressant treatment in depressed alcoholics. To date, most antidepressant data has been collected in patients without concomitant alcohol dependence, and therefore it is important to establish an appropriate dose-response and safety profile for ketamine in an alcohol-dependent population.

  • New Zealand
  • depression
  • alcohol dependence

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