Welcome to the Netherlands Trial Register

The NTR is a publicly accessible and freely searchable prospective trial register in which studies are registered that run in the Netherlands or are carried out by Dutch researchers. Primary Registries have been recognized and accepted by the WHO and ICMJE. If your study is included in one of these registers, you meet the registration requirements. For the Netherlands the NTR is the Primary Registry.

Registration ID

Upon registration an ID is assigned as a registration number. This registration number is equivalent to an ISRCTN number of the ISRCTN register or the NCT number of ClinicalTrials.gov and can be used when results are offered for publication to a scientific journal. It is therefore not necessary to register a study in clinicaltrials.gov in order to qualify for publication in an American journal.

All published trials receive a NL ID. Older trials keep the old NTR ID next to the new NL ID.

Retrospective registration

Only ongoing studies can be registered on the NTR, preferably before the first inclusion. A study which is already completed, will be rejected. This is because prospective trial registers will provide transparency into the current research and discourage publication bias. ISRCTN.org still registers retrospective data.

Application study

You can create an account and sign up your study. If you already have a registration on the old NTR, try to use the same email address, so all your studies will be available in one account. You can only submit your trial if you filled in all the data completely. Our aim is to register your study within 4 weeks. You will receive an email when your study has been published on the website.

After registration

If you want to edit some trial information, you can log into your account and edit your own trial. An audit trail will be kept.